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45'HCPW Containers

Our newest additions to our container fleet have arrived!

Our fleet counts over 750x45'HCPW containers of ISO standard. All these containers are seaworthy, odorless and foodgrade.They are equiped with bamboo flooring and of prestine quality and condition.

Why choose for 45'HCPW?

The first consideration in decreasing your logistics costs is to increase the loading capacity of each container. 45'HCPW containers can be loaded with up to 33 europallets, making them the ideal choice for palletized cargo. The door width on the other hand is wider than a standard issued container. This makes it possible to stuff cargo that measures up to 2500mm and would otherwise be considered Out Of Gauge.

Which transport mode is ideal for 45'HCPW?

These containers can be loaded on any type of transport such as an oceanvessel, a truck or rail. There are no limitations to the transport possibilities with this type of equipment.

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