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ACT offers a safe and efficient handling of steel with specialized equipment such as cranes, forklifts and other heavy machinery. Our workers can load and unload steel from both trainwagons and trucks.

When transporting steel products it is important to ensure that the vehicle used for transportation has the appropriate load capacity. The vehicle must also adhere to weight restrictions set by European legislation to prevent overloading, which can be dangerous and lead to accidents on the road.

Our railterminal offers a perfect alternative to avoid any issues that could arise with transporting steel by road such as capacity limits and overweight. 

The handling process takes into account the size and weight of the items, which can be challenging to handle and maneuver. Because of these potential risks our workers involved with the handling process are constantly trained in proper lifting techniques and schooled about all the safety protocols preventing accidents or injuries.

In terms of storage, specialized storage facilities may be required for steel of a large size or high weight. Our storage facilities have sufficient floor space and are equipped with specialized storage racks designed to hold heavy loads. Proper ventilation and humidity control are in place to prevent corrosion and other forms of damage to your product.

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