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As a logistics service provider based in the renowned port of Antwerp, we specialize in catering to the unique needs of the chemical industry. Our strategic location in a region known for its high import and export volumes of chemicals makes us your ideal partner for efficient and reliable transport solutions.


One of our services is ADR container deliveries, facilitated by our team of certified drivers. We understand the importance of strict adherence to safety regulations when it comes to handling hazardous materials. With our expertise and experience in ADR-compliant transport, you can trust us to ensure the secure and timely delivery of your chemical shipments.


We have the capacity and capabilities to handle a wide range of chemical classes. Whether it's Class 2 (Gases), Class 3 (Flammable Liquids), Class 4 (Flammable Solids), Class 5 (Oxidizing Agents and Organic Peroxides), Class 6 (Toxic Substances), Class 8 (Corrosive Substances), or Class 9 (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods).


Our commitment to safety extends throughout our operations, that is why we prioritize the integrity and security of your chemical cargo at every step of the process.


Partnering with us means benefiting from our extensive knowledge of the chemical industry and our dedication to exceptional service. We understand the unique challenges associated with transporting chemicals and offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Trust us to handle your chemical logistics efficiently and reliably, allowing you to focus on your core business and ensuring the continued success of your operations.

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