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New Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Enhance Warehouse Operations

We are thrilled to announce the recent addition of three brand new Mitsubishi forklift trucks to our warehouse fleet. This significant upgrade ensures enhanced efficiency and productivity in our daily operations.

The delivery includes a specialized forklift tailored for moving empty containers, along with two versatile models designed for loading and unloading side-loader trucks, able to carry up to 5.000kg of weight.

What sets these forklifts apart is their fully electric nature and fast charging capabilities. By adopting these eco-friendly machines, we are taking a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. With their electric powertrain, we can rely on cleaner operations without compromising on performance.

The cutting-edge design of these Mitsubishi forklift trucks also includes a remarkable feature - a rotation axle that enables the wheels to turn a full 90 degrees while staying in place. This innovative capability enhances maneuverability within tight spaces, allowing our operators to navigate with ease and precision, even in the most confined areas of our warehouse.

The arrival of these Mitsubishi forklift trucks represents a significant investment in the growth and success of our warehouse operations. We are confident that their cutting-edge features and advanced technology will empower our team to work more efficiently, ensuring seamless logistics and timely deliveries.

Our decision to partner with "De Ronde", an experienced entity in the renowned Port of Antwerp, has been instrumental in securing this delivery. Their expertise and commitment to quality have made them the ideal choice for supplying the forklifts that meet our specific requirements.


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