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Definition and Scope of the Contract

Article 1

Unless otherwise agreed these Conditions shall be applicable to any form of service provided by the Freight Forwarder. They may be quoted as “Belgian Forwarding Conditions”. They represent a recognized custom of the trade.

Article 2

In these Conditions:

- Customer: is the Freight Forwarder’s Principal at the instructions of whom and on behalf of whom the Freight Forwarder provides services, information or advice, whether gratuitous or for reward.

- Freight Forwarder: is a CEB member or each Freight Forwarder conducting business under these Conditions.

- service: is any instruction to forward goods offered, accepted for performance, or performed by the Freight Forwarder, and any related act, any information or advice in respect thereof.

- goods: are all and any goods including their packaging, entrusted to the Freight Forwarder by the Customer. Such goods include all and any merchandise as well as all and any titles or documents that represent or may represent such goods.

- owner: is the owner of the goods to which the service provided by the Freight Forwarder pertains.

- third parties: are any non-contracting parties, in particular any natural or legal persons whom the Freight Forwarder deals with in the performance of his duties.

Article 3

Where the performance of services is concerned, a distinction is made between the Freight Forwarder who acts:

1) as a forwarding agent under Belgian law (commissionnaire –- expéditeur): his duties consist of, inter alia,.....

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